Where simplicity dwells

Dear fellow music-lovers,

SIM-PLIC-I-TY.It just seems like a four-syllabled mere word these days.Where do we find simplicity nowadays? In this competitive world where everyone’s headed for the rat race to success,people seem to have lost all tenderness in this cacophony of fast-forwarded life and all they seek for is more of material pleasures. Gone are the days where simple-minded people dwelled on this beautiful planet and where they found happiness in the simple pleasures of life. Don’t you think so? But today’s story of my musical discovery might make you think differently about simplicity and people altogether.

This music video is a cover of Rihanna’s 2011 released song “We found love”. Though several artists have done a cover of this song,the one from Lindsey Stirling(one of my favorite artists) stands out unquestionably. She decided to give this song a whole new dimension and a whole new meaning.The official video features tribal people from Kenya(one of the poorest countries of Africa) enjoying themselves and dancing alongside Lindsey ,as she performs accompanied by the Kenyan singer Alisha Popat and two other local artists, in the backdrop of African terrain and wildlife.

Here’s some insight into who Lindsey is,to those of you who don’t know her yet,Lindsey Stirling is a very talented American violinist,dancer,music-composer,a performance artist (Huh! All that seems like a talent overload). And surprisingly,this powerhouse of talent looks pocket-sized!! You might wonder and so did the judges in America’s Got Talent,Season 5,2010 thought that she can’t be good enough and she was voted off. (Well,a young girl jumping around in the air playing her violin…not that impressive ha.) Bwahaha ,Look what she did now.She took the entire world by storm with her award-winning musical compositions and she has continued to climb the ladder of success ever since.

Lindsey collaborated with the Kenyan artists and came up with a soul-touching cover of “We found love”. As you see the shy,innocent smiles and giggles of the young kids of Kenya and the the colorfully cladded men and women sharing light moments with Lindsey, in her video,you can’t help but Smile. Besides belonging to an impoverished nation like Kenya,the people wore genuine smiles emanating love and kindness(as Lindsey mentioned they were the most incredible people she has ever come across). And their million-dollar expressions on seeing Lindsey play the violin are the main attractions in this video. Have a look at it for yourself ! May be it’s time we learn from these simple minded people,that we too need to relax and sit back and cherish the goodness that life has to offer.

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Musically Yours,



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