To more music and more dance

Dear fellow music-lovers,

If I were to personify MUSIC and DANCE who are truly,madly and deeply in love with each other; they will undoubtedly make the most amazing couple!
Do you guys also agree with me? Just imagine,Music and Dance would be inseparable and I would gladly say “Music and Dance are my favorite couple in the whole world”.

This applies to music and dance as two individual art forms as well.Music and Dance has been tied to each other from time immemorial. Some music are for the ears, some for your soul and some music just allows you to set free and waltz your way to more freedom and more happiness. Who doesn’t want to shake a leg to some great up-tempo music?Well, I definitely would and I hope you would as well when you hear this Spanish vocalist Alvaro Soler singing “Sé que no, sé que no”. This chart – topping hit “Sofia” is from the prominent Spanish singer and songwriter Alvaro Soler.

Soler with his exceptionally charming looks (I am not lying,go see for yourself ! ) and his immense singing talent, rose to instant stardom with his single “El Mismo Sol” in 2015.The song is an uplifting anthem which celebrates diversity and shared values, “under the same sun”. He had already set the bar too high for himself and his next single “Sofia” released in 2016 , was not a disappointment at all.

When you see the magnificent architecture of the city of La Habana(Havana) the capital of Cuba and the extremely talented Cuban dancers featured in the official video of Sofia,it’s sure to give you the happy vibes and forces you to put on your dance shoes at once. As this Caribbean nation is well-known across the world for having legendary musical talents and being home to various authentic and lively dance-forms, Soler has been mindful of keeping the catchy and upbeat music of “Sofia”, visually impressive by having dancers performing around him as he sings accompanied by the other musicians. The lyrics of this song tells you about a
love story,heartbreak and yet moving on in life.Although this may sound sad,but Soler has captured all this in his song “Sofia” in a very delightful manner.

Just like the well known American dancer and choreographer Agnes de Mille once said: “To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”. So friends what’s stopping you,if you are in mood for some fun,tune in to “Sofia” now and let your hair down.
You can check out the English translation of this song in the below link:

Musically Yours,



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