Spirituality Redefined

Dear fellow music-lovers,

When troubled times knocks at your door,you often hear friends and family saying-”Have faith in God”.

Can faith really help you cease all your pain and sorrow? Well,I won’t be focusing on religious views but I believe, one can always find solace in Music.Music heals broken hearts,imbibes lost hope in life,helps you combat trials and tribulations as well.

In my early formative years,I was exposed to a number of  gospel songs and hymns which I loved singing merrily with my friends back then in school(my schooling being from a renowned Catholic School in India). My favorites being “Give me oil in my lamp”,”All things Bright and beautiful”,”We shall overcome” , to name a few.

But unlike the traditional worship music, this revival band named URBAN RESCUE has emerged as a torch-bearer for renewing worship music with a whole new perspective. The name says it all and this amazing band led by Jordan Frye a lead singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles,California,is sure to imbibe and restore the lost faith in God through their soul-touching Contemporary Worship Music.So,friends do not miss it,you will be awestruck with their  music and the lyrics are wonderfully written.

They have a very modern and unique take on worship music.It’s noticeable from their honest and authentic music compositions .Have you ever imagined if worship music is infused with a pinch of ‘rock’ and ‘pop’ in it,what will that sound like?I can strongly say it would definitely work wonders after listening to Urban Rescue!If it’s hard to believe,do listen to “Kaleidoscope”,”Never Stop”,”Song of my Father”. These are my current favorites from the Album “Wild Heart”. I am sure you too will be hooked to these songs as they have so much to offer you with their superbly sung lyrics,body-swaying and feet-tapping music and not to forget the Goodwill of God that it shouts out to you so beautifully and soothingly.

Do mention in the comments how you like these songs and if you like this post,feel free to leave me a like and a comment and follow my blog.

Musically Yours,



3 thoughts on “Spirituality Redefined

  1. Nice Jinti and wow, apart from being such a bright student in our batch and a topper, I didn’t know this side of you existed. Glad to know 😊

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