A musical masterpiece

Dear fellow music-lovers,

Have you ever wondered when a culmination of best of the best musical talents happen,what could be the outcome?

The result is something surreal and out-of-the-world. Believe me when I say this,because today I am here to share with you one of  my close-to-heart musical discovery. Ten amazingly talented Female Muslim  Musicians performing a cover of John Newman’s “Love me Again” in a music show named Nescafe Basement.Sounds fine,doesn’t it? Well,you would realize it’s more than fine,once you listen to their rendition .It’s a six minute forty seconds of  total bliss. To be honest,I would vote for this cover song being way better than the original! My adulation of this tremendously powerful musical master-piece would be justified once you give it a listen.Before you rush to play this song,let me give you some insight into this.

The musical mastermind behind this creation is Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan(Xulfi) who besides being the talented music producer of the show Nescafe Basement is also a highly acclaimed Pakistani Singer-Songwriter.Nescafe Basement is a Pakistani music television series(just like Coke Studio or the Dewarists) which features live studio-recorded music performances by the hidden talents in the musical world.So far,four seasons of the show have been featured. With every season the show got better and better thriving for creativity par excellence.

In this very song, when you see the way in which each of the  young and the beautiful female band members unveil their talents playing their musical instruments with such passion,you would be sure to witness some magic being weaved by them.The sitarist,ukuleleist,the bass guitarist and the vocalist are the major head-turners. Their brilliance is exuded from their power packed rendition.All in all this piece of music can’t get any better than this and they did total justice (in fact a lot more) to this beautiful song “Love me Again”. Well if you guys plan to learn from me more of my amazing musical explorations,do love me with all your heart and show it to me through your likes,shares and comments.Until next time.


Musically Yours,



3 thoughts on “A musical masterpiece

  1. Its great 2 be introduced 2 some different kind of music from someone like you who always takes the extra pain 2 ensure that ur readers don’t miss out on something good… Great going girl..


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