Little things,joyful things

Dear fellow music-lovers,

How has your day been?Mine was kind of okayish but i would try to make yours a really good one.

So cozy up and read on and don’t forget to grab your earpieces right after you read this blog.

I lean on to the wall pushing a pillow behind my back as i sit on my bed.I put on my pair of sennheiser headphones and click on the youtube app on my smartphone and i slide upwards on my phone’s touchscreen ignoring most of the videos,until i stumble upon this audio song called “Joy of little things” by the band “When Chai met Toast”.

Before sharing my views about this song,let me take you back to the day when i first discovered(and subscribed on Youtube) this new Folk-Rock Band “When Chai met Toast”.So, on one of  my broody days,i set off on a musical exploration seeking for something new,something fun.And,look what i found.This awesome four-membered Indian band.The  very first catch was the Band Name that they go by. Its quirky and stands out to the viewers at once.An instant turn-on it was :).I listened to “Firefly”;one of their originals.There was something unique about this song which is rare to see it coming from an Indian band.The song “Firefly” was a mix of Lumineers,Mumford and Sons and F.U.N to me.Nevertheless it appealed to me and kept me wanting for more from them.So eventually this day arrives and another of their new single was out.

“Joy of Little things” sounds way too better and way too original to me.And the lyrics are really really relatable.Listen to this song and i can guarantee you that all your monday blues will disappear completely.It has got a catchy beat to it which kind of gets you addicted instantly.If “Joy of Little things” brings to you enough joy as it brought to me,feel free to drop in your comments about how you like this song.

Musically Yours,



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