The Idea Behind

Dear fellow music-lovers,

Have you ever been an explorer and a die-hard music fan at the same-time?

Well,I have been one and  I am here to share my experiences of exploring the beauty and the enigma hidden in the world of music.I am a true music fanatic.My taste in music ain’t limited to any particular genre,I don’t know if it’s a good thing but all i know is that the music that touches your soul(be it jazz,hip-hop,pop,folk,country,instrumental etc)and if the music  provides that orgasmic sensation to your ears and your body in whole (i mean music that makes you dance to its tune,literally) stays with me for a long long time.And when i say for a long long time,I literally mean it.I happen to be a person who suffers from the “weird and irritating habit” (as per general masses,Duh!) of listening to the same song repetitively for an entire day,or two or at max three because it’s too good to not listen to.Right guys?Well if you happen to be as crazy as I sound to be and as musically inclined as i claim to be,then you are of course at the right place. This ain’t a musical guide of what to and what not to listen to.Its about me revealing my most amazing musical discoveries with you and with an only wish of adding new hope and new zest for life with music being an all-season companion (be it happy,sad,romantic,nostalgic etc) in this forever-chaotic world of ours.

Musically Yours,



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