It’s playtime-The CUP Game!

Dear fellow music-lovers, It's been awhile since I last posted,so here I am today bringing you something that's utterly cool. Ever heard of the CUP phenomenon? Well,most of the music enthusiast would be aware of Anna Kendrick’s song “When I’m gone” where she uses a plastic cup,plays around with it, to create some amazing music.… Continue reading It’s playtime-The CUP Game!


Where simplicity dwells

Dear fellow music-lovers, SIM-PLIC-I-TY.It just seems like a four-syllabled mere word these days.Where do we find simplicity nowadays? In this competitive world where everyone’s headed for the rat race to success,people seem to have lost all tenderness in this cacophony of fast-forwarded life and all they seek for is more of material pleasures. Gone are… Continue reading Where simplicity dwells